Manifesting Abundance Lesson 3

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She would cook for them, take care of them, and love them unconditionally. Despite the concerns of those around her fearing she was being taken for granted, my mother would dole as much love and affection she had to those who needed her love and support. My mother was so appreciative of any and all gifts bestowed upon her. She took nothing for granted. She exuded class and style with every movement and gesture from another.

She was the epitome of grace and gratitude. I was in awe of her. My mother had a fun, witty, effortless humor about her. She found delight in the simple and casual moments. She had a deep, hardy laugh and it seeped deep into you, leaving you feeling light and loving. I always felt better just being in her presence… feeling her light-heartedness and her extraordinary gift to put everyone at ease.

How To Attract Money and Wealth With The Law of Attraction

I miss her laughter, and I miss her light. I wish I could see her. I wish I could share my stories and my life with her, and I wish I could see her growth from her own journey. But, being as intuitive and connected to the pure positive energy that we all are, I can feel her. We use cookies to make your experience better. By visiting this site, you agree to our cookie policy.

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Janette Freeman. Every day builds upon the next, as you learn new skills to think, speak, and live intentionally from higher consciousness, where you automatically manifest higher results.

15,509 Days… That’s Not Enough! Top 3 Lessons I Learned from my Mom

You will be given the inspired Source Code Meditations and daily practices, so that you can manifest your most authentic desires. Lastly, you will learn to use your I Am Source Code skillfully and powerfully, which can support all your spiritual and manifesting practices. Why is more time spent on Insight Timer than all other meditation apps combined?

Because on Insight Timer you can find the largest library of guided meditations, music tracks and meditation courses on earth, led by 4, of the world's best teachers. In this lesson, you will be given a clear map so that you can quickly identify what level of consciousness you are in, and access the tools to be able to move to up to higher levels. In order to manifest anything new in your life, you need to create it from a higher level of consciousness.

You will be given the first Source Code Meditation to begin to awaken the sleeping giant of creation. You will be guided into the deeper experience of Divine Love in relationship with the Higher Self, and invite that Love to do Its perfect work.

Your heart will be helped to open wide and deep. In this session, you will be guided through a meditation to help you identify your deepest desires from your Higher Self. You will choose one desire to work with. This will help you clarify what you want to have, and how it will feel when you have it. You will begin to learn how to live in the energy of that new desire. You will see from the eyes of the one having it and be the one that is experiencing it now.

Manifestation Lesson 3

Join Denise Linn for the first lesson and learn little-known techniques to clear out your old limiting energy to help you to make way for an avalanche of affluence consciousness to pour into your life. Discover what true wealth is and why it's important on your spiritual journey.

The 3 Forgotten Elements of Manifestation

Find out how the clutter clearing is a modern day alchemy. You should clear out the old to make way for the new. Uncover how to make the most efficient Prosperity Altar and why it works. And, learn how to prepare yourself for the 21 days ahead powerfully.

Denise also shares powerful attunement practices to activate prosperity consciousness. You will get clear on precisely what you desire in this exhilarating lesson. What are a hundred things you want to be, do, and have?

Lesson 1: Be Forgiving

Denise will teach you about the seeds of Creation. What do you truly want?

Is it really what you want? Uncover the magic and majesty of seeding your future with Vision Seed Collages. Learn how to make the affirmations work ten-times more powerfully than the ordinary affirmations. Discover what crystal, stones, oils, ceremonies, and prayers are the best for abundance. And, Denise will teach you about the true power of your physiology and how you can make it work for you.

Lesson Three — To Have or Have Not

Acting 'as if' works! During this interesting lesson, Denise will help you to clear the blockages from your childhood and ancestral family which are affecting your finances.

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  5. Also, you will begin to clear limitations that you have absorbed into your auric field from your friends, family, acquaintances, media, religions, and spiritual beliefs as well as the collective unconsciousness. Learn how your values your and core beliefs might be hampering your flow of abundance. Understand and release the past lives that are limiting you regarding money: karma clearing.

    Denise also leads you to a powerful regression into your past lives to clear blockages. And, learn unique techniques of clutter clearing for your affluence. In this final abundance lesson, Denise will teach you how to manifest your future. Learn unusual potent feng shui cures and space-clearing secrets for affluence. Activate your spiritual journey to get a letter from your fabulous future.